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Harvest Box

One week's Harvest Box offeringOur harvest box offers a unique opportunity to experience our vegetables throughout most of the year.  Our harvest box program offers many elements of a traditional Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program.  Subscribers pre-purchase a share of the farm's production.  The share is distributed through two optional periods.   The summer box begins in mid-June and finishes at the end of October, while the winter box begins the first week of November and finishes at the end of January.  A harvest share can be affected by growing conditions during the production cycle, therefore subscribers are sharing the risk with us.  We believe we have reduced the risk, as our harvest box can draw from our commercial produce volume.  We grow a number of crops just for the box as well. Harvest box subscribers are first in line if there are any crop shortages. 

The diversity of the crops we grow helps mitigate the risk of loss as well.  While there may be issues with some crops in some years, in our experience, other crops will make up for the shortfall.

The Snows love to grow vegetables.  All of them.  Some are a challenge to produce consistently in our maritime climate.  These are mainly heat-loving crops.  Our main production site, the "Imperial Farm" is a mere 1.5 km from the Pacific Ocean.  The proximity of the ocean provides a tempering of the climate, meaning cooler summers and milder winters.  We use proven season extension techniques to help some crops along in these conditions.

Our harvest box contains a minimum of 8 items.  The box volume is 0.75 bushel or 1 cubic foot.  The summer box will usually be more "leafy" while the winter box will contain more potatoes and root vegetables.  Early boxes will be on the lighter side, while fall boxes will be heavy.  We will do our best to provide a diverse offering each week.  Our availability chart provides an idea of what will be available each week.

The 2015 summer box is expected to start in mid-June.  Application deadline is May 31.  The winter box will start in the first week of November. 

Download our harvest box application form here.